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2950 + Clients

9850 + Users

98950 + Jobs Filled

3 + Countries

2950 + Clients

9850 + Users

98950 + Jobs Filled

3 + Countries

What is Resume Tracking System?

Resume Tracking System act as a database for job applicants. Recruiters and hiring managers can store the job applications received from various sources like job boards, website, social media.

Just reduce your manual work with our efficient and easy-to-use Resume Tracking System. Artificial Intelligence-based features can help you to suggest the best matching candidates and automate your day to day work.

All-in-one Resume Tracking System can help recruiters to manage key stakeholders like:

  1. Job seekers who are fit for open positions
  2. Clients for which hiring is done
  3. Recruiting teams who work on the same project or openings
  4. Vendors who help to fill critical open positions

30 minutes to explore the software.

Features of Resume Tracking System

Job Distribution

With Candidate Tracking Software you can promote your open positions through various marketing channels, and thus attracting top talent.

Applicant Tracking

Automate your hiring process and start tracking all your applications within a customisable recruitment workflow as per your business needs.

Online Assessments

Assessing your candidates is no more challenge. Just do all this in the Resume Tracking system, whether it be skill tests, psychometric tests, personality tests, aptitude tests, management tests or language tests.

Interview Management

Keep track of start to end interview workflow with our ResumeTracking Software. Starting from scheduling interviews of candidates to tracking all interviews with the calendar. Also capturing the feedback of the interview and keeping all the stakeholders updated.

Recruitment Analytics

Take the help of Recruitment Analytics and KPIs maintained under the recruitment tracking system to optimize your recruitment decisions.

Profile Matching with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Whether it be candidate matching against the relevant job and job matching against relevant candidates. Do it with the help of powerful AI Algorithms.

Recruitment Chatbot

You can provide 24x7 assistance to your profile visitors by just setting up the chatbot on your website. Also, candidates can explore jobs, submit and track their applications with the chatbot.

Offer Management

Your hassle to prepare an offer letter just vanishes in a single click. Just customize your offer letter as per your branding requirements and share it with hired candidates.


Welcome new candidates without stress. Just set up your onboarding workflow and start tracking the onboarding process of hired candidates. You can also use electric signature kinds of advanced options for authorisation of documents.

Hiring Manager Portal

With the help of a self-service portal hiring manager can review all the open positions and candidates under the process to get more clearer picture.

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Why use our best Resume Tracking System Platform?

The hiring of executives is the most important thing an organisation will ever do. Here are some of the key benefits your organisation can go for by using the Executive Search Software Platform.

  • Improve and fast your hiring process.
  • Boost your employer brand and attract more business.
  • Facilitates collaborative hiring model within team.
  • Adhere to government laws and regulations.
  • Improve accuracy in sourcing the best candidate with AI automation.
  • Reports and analytics help intaking appropriate decisions.
  • Track of all the activities performed by the team.
  • Great experience with candidates and hiring managers.
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