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Why Do Agency Need an
Executive Search Software?

Executive Search Software offers a centralised platform for managing comprehensive executive profiles, catering to your targeted needs. It facilitates seamless communication with executives through personalised automated messages via email and text, ensuring meaningful engagement.The software also boasts user-friendly team collaboration features, allowing executive recruiters to prioritise relationship-building with clients and offer top-level executives a positive and engaging experience.

How to build a Foolproof Executive Search Strategy


Define clear objectives and requirements


Thorough industry and company research


Develop a targeted executive persona


Utilise advanced sourcing techniques


Implement a rigorous screening process


Engage in proactive executive outreach


Leverage technology and the best executive search software


Nurture executive relationships


Maintain confidentiality and privacy


Measure and analyse performance

iSmartRecruit's Innovative Features

Experience the next level of executive search & head-hunting with iSmartRecruit's exceptional and innovative features. Discover the power of our platform today and find the perfect fit quickly and efficiently.

Workflow and Pipeline Management

Customisable workflows to manage the entire executive recruitment process, from initial contact to final placement of the executives.

Workflow and Pipeline Management

Executive Assessment and Evaluation

Tools for conducting assessments, interviews, and evaluations to ensure executives meet the criteria for executive positions.

Executive Assessment and Evaluation

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile-friendly interface or dedicated app for accessing the software on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Accessibility

Our Client Testimonial Speaks Louder Than Words!

Our Client Testimonial Speaks Louder Than Words!

iSmartRecruit's credibility as the Best Executive Search Software and Headhunting Software


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Executive Search?

Executive search is a recruitment process for highly-skilled senior-level positions. It involves a more tedious hiring process with high levels of scrutiny to find the best people for the job.

What is Executive Search Software?

Executive Search Software helps to run a robust executive search process by establishing seamless collaboration with all the stack holders like executives, clients, and vendors. It has various modules like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Automation, Integrations etc.

What is the difference between retained & contingent search?

The retained search involves the hiring agency receiving payment at different stages of the recruitment process, whereas, in contingent search, the agency is compensated only upon making a successful hire.

What are the benefits of using Executive Recruiting Software?

By utilising Executive Recruiting Software, executive search firms leverage many benefits, such as improved sourcing efficiency, expanded reach, enhanced collaboration, data-driven insights, better executive experience, and powerful employer branding, as well as cost and time savings, eventually leading to more effective and successful executive hiring.

Is Executive Search the same as Recruitment?

Executive search is the process of filling a particular position by hiring high-level executives. It is a specialised category of recruitment in which an organisation pays an executive search firm to research the market, develop a shortlist of engaged talent, and take them through the hiring process.

Whereas recruitment is the process of filling open roles by finding, attracting, screening and hiring the most suitable candidates who are actively looking for employment. Mostly it is conducted to fill entry-level positions.

What is the difference between Executive Search and Headhunting?

There is no difference. Executive search or executive recruiting is the terms the industry prefers as they are the most descriptive of the process. Headhunting is a common term but does not describe the process very well.

Can iSmartRecruit Executive Search Software be used by both in-house recruiting teams and external recruiting teams?

Yes, iSmartRecruit Executive Search Software facilitates collaboration and communication among team members, regardless of whether they are in-house or external recruiters. They can share executive profiles, provide feedback, and coordinate their efforts seamlessly.

Can I migrate my data from my existing system to iSmartRecruit's Executive Search Software?

Yes, data migration is possible from your current system to our executive management system without affecting your recruitment operations. This migration depends on the format, volume and contents of the data of the prior system.

Can the Executive Search Software be customised to fit our organisation's needs?

Yes, iSmartRecruit Executive Search Software provide a Customisation Workflow feature that empowers users to design a workflow that best fits their organisation's requirements, improving overall recruitment effectiveness and executive management.

Why iSmartRecruit is the best Executive Recruiting Software?

To conduct a successful executive search, it's essential to have a deep understanding of the client's needs to ensure that the recruiters can locate the ideal executive. With iSmartRecruit, recruiters, clients, and executives can communicate effectively through the executive portal and client portals. iSmartRecruit offers valuable tools such as browser extensions, video interviews, two-way email synchronisation, calendar synchronisation, referral programs, and many other features to help you establish a foolproof executive search strategy.

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30 minutes to explore the software.

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