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Experience seamless hiring with the iSmartRecruit Recruitment Management System—where our advanced resume parsing effortlessly transforms numerous resumes into organised candidate profiles. Discover, connect, and engage with top talent faster than ever before.

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What is Resume Management Software?

Resume Management Software is designed for recruiters, HRs and staffing agencies to assess the applicants’ profiles based on their skills, qualifications, and experience. It is a powerful tool for recruiting professionals as it helps them smoothly manage the overall resume workflow. It is also known as CV Management Software or Resume Database Management Software.

The Resume Management System automatically import resumes from various social media platforms and communication channels and parses all the crucial details. Afterwards, it adds key information to the candidate or client database.

Challenges Recruiters Face to Manage Plenty of Resumes Manually


Reviewing & entering resume information manually is time-consuming


Human error occurs in data entry


Duplicate resumes in the resume database


Locating specific resumes in a big database is difficult


Confidentiality of handling sensitive candidate data


Legal compliance like GDPR

See How Our Advanced Features Enable Seamless Resume Management

From importing and parsing tons of resumes to sorting out the best ones for interviews, iSmartRecruit offers easy-to-use features that will simplify your overall resume management workflow.

Manage Questionnaires

While receiving resumes, ask your candidate important questions which aren’t mentioned in the resume, such as notice period, salary expectation, and intent to relocate and filter out the irrelevant resumes based on the answers candidates give.

Manage Questionnaires

Customisable Scorecards

Do the performance evaluation of the applicant and select different scorecard criteria, and rate against each criterion. Rate your applicants based on various parameters and skills for better comparison and analysis of the candidates.

add Scorecard

Key Benefits of Using iSmartRecruit’s Resume Management System

Centralises candidate data for easy access

Fetch key details of candidate with automation

Create candidate profiles in just one click from LinkedIn, Monster etc.

Detect duplicate and maintain unique resume database

Never miss a single resume

Improves candidate experiences

Faster & accurate candidate-job matching

Ensures sensitive data security

Remain compliant

Create a strong employer brand

Our Client Testimonial Speaks
Louder Than Words!

Our Client Testimonial Speaks Louder Than Words!

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Elevate Your Resume Management with iSmartRecruit!

Efficiently screen CVs with our Resume Management Software. It's designed for data-driven effectiveness, streamlining your recruitment into a productive journey.

30 minutes to explore the software.
30 minutes to explore the software.

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Leverage our Resume Management Software to automatically parse resumes, detect key info & transfer it to a database.