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Candidate Database

A centralised database for storing and managing candidate profiles, including contact information, resumes, and communication history.

Candidate Database
Sourcing Analytics

Automated Candidate Sourcing

Tools to proactively identify and source potential candidates from various channels, including job boards and social networks.

Talent Pool Management

Segment and organise candidates based on skills, experience, location, or other criteria for future job openings.

Talent Pool
Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Integrated email and messaging capabilities to streamline candidate communication and manage interactions.

Email Campaigns

Create and execute automated email campaigns to engage with candidates share job opportunities, and company updates.

Email Campaigns
Customisable Workflows

Customisable Dashboards

Create personalised dashboards to view key recruitment metrics and monitor the progress of candidates.

Advanced Search and Match

Utilise advanced search capabilities, including Boolean search, proximity search, and semantic search, to find and match candidates to specific job requirements.

Candidate SearchMatch
Candidate Tracking and Analytics

Candidate Tracking and Analytics

Monitor and analyse candidate progress and engagement, providing insights into candidate behaviour and preferences.

Integration with Job Boards and Social Media

Easily post job openings to multiple platforms and source candidates directly from professional networks.

job-social publish
Candidate Feedback

Candidate Feedback and Evaluation

Collect feedback from hiring managers and team members to assess candidate fit and improve the selection process.

Collaborative Hiring Workflows

Facilitate collaboration among team members, hiring managers, and other stakeholders in the recruitment process.

Collaborative Hiring Workflows
Career Site Integration

Career Site Integration

Integrate with the organisation's website to display job openings and provide insights into company culture.

Candidate Portal

Offer candidates a portal to manage their profiles, preferences, and applications, enhancing their experience.

Candidate Portal
Analytics Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Generate reports and dashboards to track recruitment metrics, source of hire, and other key performance indicators.


GDPR and Compliance Tools

Ensure that candidate data is handled in compliance with data protection regulations, prioritising data privacy and security.

Projected & Actual Revenue Tracking

Easily monitor your real and projected revenue, and effortlessly calculate team incentives.

Revenue Tracking

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Our Client Testimonial Speaks Louder Than Words!

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