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What is a Candidate Management System?

A Candidate Management System, often referred to as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), is specialised software designed to streamline and enhance the recruitment process. It assists HR professionals and hiring teams in attracting, communicating with, and effectively managing applicants from start to finish.

By using a Candidate Management System, organisations can improve their hiring standards, maintain organised candidate data, and make the recruitment process more efficient.

Manage Candidates Like a Pro with Highly
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Explore how our candidate management system’s easy-to-use features help you to conduct
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Candidate Scorecard

The platform provides a customisable scorecard for evaluating candidates throughout the hiring process. It allows for detailed reviews and the use of specific metrics tailored to each recruitment phase.

Assess candidates on various criteria and skills for better comparison and deeper analysis.

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Candidate Screening

Dive deeper by asking applicants about crucial details like notice period, salary expectations, and willingness to relocate directly through our system. Filter candidates effortlessly based on their responses to ensure a fit that's right for your company.

Screening Questions

24/7 Chatbot Assistance

Elevate candidate engagement on your iSmartRecruit platform with our 24/7 Recruitment Chatbot. This feature offers continuous interaction, conducts preliminary screenings, and updates applicants on their status, ensuring a seamless and responsive recruitment experience.

24x7 Chatbot Assistance

Candidate Onboarding

Easily set up your workflows, track onboarding progress, and use electronic signatures for quick document authorisation, making the process seamless for both you and your new hires.

Candidate Onboarding

Why Our Candidate Management System is Simply the Best?

Advanced candidate database search

AI-powered features

Mobile accessibility available

Highly customisable to fit your specific needs

Simple and easy to use

Smooth data migration

Seamlessly integrate with other HR and recruiting tools

Dedicated support & live training

Highly secured for your sensitive candidate/client data

Personalised onboarding

Self-hosted option

Committed to constant product enhancement

Hire High-quality Talent More Efficiently with iSmartRecruit!

Streamline end-to-end hiring, manage candidates and provide a personalised experience with our Candidate Management System.

30 minutes to explore the software.
30 minutes to explore the software.

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