Applicant Tracking

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Resume Parsing

Automatically extracts and organises candidate information from resumes, streamlining the review process.

Resume Parsing
Customisable Workflows

Customisable Workflows

Tailor recruitment processes to fit your organisation's specific needs, from job requisition approval to onboarding.

Job Posting and Distribution

Easily publish job openings to various platforms directly from the ATS, maximising visibility.

Job Posting and Distribution
Powerful Candidate Database

Powerful Candidate Database

Efficiently store and manage candidate profiles for current and future opportunities, enhancing talent pool management.

Candidate Search and Match

Robust search capabilities, including boolean, fuzzy, semantic and proximity search, to quickly find and match candidates to job requirements.

Candidate Search Match
Interview Management

End to end Interview Management

Streamlines the entire interview process, from scheduling and candidate communication to feedback collection and decision-making.

Video Interviewing

Built-in video interview capabilities, allowing recruiters to conduct initial interviews remotely and review them later.

Video Interviewing
Chrome Sourcing Extension

Chrome Sourcing Extension

Empower recruiters to discover, engage, and manage potential candidates from external sources like LinkedIn, Xing, Gmail, Outlook and many other professional communities.

Reporting and Analytics

Offers insights into recruitment effectiveness, source of hire, time-to-fill, and other crucial metrics.

Analytics and Reporting
Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Accessibility

Enables access from mobile devices, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.

GDPR and Compliance

Ensures candidate data is handled in compliance with data protection regulations, ensuring privacy and security.

GDPR Compliance

Integration with HRIS/HRMS

Seamlessly connects with HR Information Systems or Human Resource Management Systems for a smooth recruitment-to-onboarding process.


Includes features for managing the onboarding process, simplifying paperwork and compliance tasks.


Applicant Status Tracking

Offers visual dashboards and notifications to monitor applicant progress in real time.


Self-Service Portals

Allows hiring managers to initiate and monitor recruitment processes independently.

Career Site Integration

Integrate with your organisation's website to showcase job openings and company culture.

Career Pages

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Our Client Testimonial Speaks Louder Than Words!

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